Maya vase painting K1381

By Carl de Borhegyi
Maya vase K1381, photographed in roll-out form by Justin Kerr, may depict a Late Classic scene from the Post Classic Quiche Maya Popol Vuh, in which the Maya vase ritual and mushroom enema ritual is performed by the mythical Hero Twins before they face the Lords of Death in the underworld ballgame (note the ballplayer in motion on the right). The god scholars have named God A Prime sits facing the

jaguar. He holds the sacred Maya vase in his hand and wears a scarf designating underworld decapitation. God A Prime, a young god commonly identified by death signs of self sacrifice, and self decapitation, probably represents a version of the older Hero Twin of the Popol Vuh named Hunahpu. Like the Hero Twins, he is associated with death and rebirth from self decapitation in the underworld. The jaguar sitting by the large jar or olla may represents Hunahpu’s brother Xbalanke, whose attributes are that of the underworld jaguar. Note the enema device sitting atop the olla or jar.